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Introduction to power electronics Download PDF

Download Introduction to power electronics PDF
Introduction to power electronics
Picture Of The book :
Introduction to power electronics PDF
Introduction to power electronics Download PDF

About Of The Book :

"Introduction to Power Electronics" comprehensive textbook that provides an in-depth introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of power electronics. The book covers topics such as semiconductor power devices, DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, DC-AC converters, and several other related topics. The book is intended for students, engineers, and researchers who want to gain a solid understanding of power electronics and its applications. The PDF version of the book is widely available for download on the internet.
In recent years there have been many changes in the structure of undergraduate courses in engineering and the process is continuing. With the advent of modularization, semesterization and the move towards student-centred leaming as class contact time is reduced, students and teachers alike are having to adjust to new methods of leaming and teaching. Essential Electronics is a series of textbooks intended for use by students on degree and diploma level courses in electrical and electronic engineering and related courses such as manufacturing, mechanical, civil and general engineering. Each text is complete in itself and is complementary to other books in the series. A feature of these books is the acknowledgement of the new culture outlined above and of the fact that students entering higher education are now, through no fault of their own, less well equipped in mathematics and physics than students of ten or even five years ago. With numerous worked examples throughout, and further problems with answers at the end of each chapter, the texts are ideal for directed and independent leaming. The early books in the series cover topics normally found in the first and second year curricula and assume virtually no previous knowledge, with mathematics being kept to a minimum. Later ones are intended for study at final year level. The authors are all highly qualified chartered engineers with wide experience in higher education and in industry.

Contents of The Book :

Chapter 1 The power electronic system 
Switching characteristics 
Power switches 
Choice of power switch 
Power conditioner 
Analysis of power converter operation 
Applications of power electronics 
Chapter 2 DC to DC choppers 
Step-down choppers 
Choppers with resistive loads 
Choppers with inductive loads 
DC series motor 
Series motor chopper drive 
Step-up choppers 
Turning on power switches 
Turning off thyristor circuits 
Self-assessment test 
Chapter 3 AC to DC thyristor converters 
Single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier 
Thyristor turn-on 
Single-phase full-wave controlled rectifier 
One- to four-quadrant operation 
Full-wave half-controlled bridge with resistive load 
Half-controlled bridge with highly inductive load 
Half-controlled bridge with fly-wheel diode and highly 
inductive load 
Full-wave fully controlled bridge with highly inductive load
Single-phase A.C. to D.C. variable speed drives 
The SEDC motor 
Fully controlled bridge with SEDC motor 
Half-controlled bridge with SEDC motor 
Three-phase converters 
Three-phase half-wave converter 
Three-phase full-wave converter 
The p-pulse converter 
Twelve-pulse converter 
Speed reversal and regenerative braking of SEDC motor drives 
Self-assessment test 
Chapter 4 DC to AC inverters 
Half-bridge with resistive load 
Half-bridge inverter with resistive load and capacitive elements 
Half-bridge with purely inductive load 
Half-bridge with an R-L load 
Full-wave bridge inverter 
Auxiliary impulse commutated inverter 
Half-controlled bridge with resonant load 
Three-phase bridge inverters 
Inverter harmonics 
Sinusoidal pulse-width modulation 
Self-assessment test 
Chapter 5 AC to AC voltage regulators 
Triac phase controller 
Resistive load 
Inductive load 
Series universal motor load 
Triac burst-firing controller 
Self-assessment test 
Chapter 6 DC link inverter 
The three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor (SCIM) 
SCIM phase equivalent circuit 
Effect of change of frequency on the equivalent circuit 
Further study topics on induction motor control 
Self-assessment test 
Chapter 7 Switched-mode power supplies 
Forward or buck converter 
Flyback or boost converter 
Buck-boost converter 
Isolated buck-boost converter 
Push-pull converter 
Half-bridge converter 
Full-bridge converter 
Analysis of the push--pull converter 
Selection of inductor and capacitor values 
Resonant inverter 
Series loaded resonant inverter 
Parallel loaded resonant inverter 
Uninterruptible power supplies 
Self-assessment test 
Chapter 8 Power electronic switches 
Thyristor characteristics 
Thyristor turn-on 
Power Mosfets  
Extension of power switch ratings 
Gate and base drive isolation 
Self-assessment test 

Information Of The Book :

Title: Introduction to power electronics Download PDF
Size: 7 Mb
Pages: 207
Year : 1998
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: D. Fewson
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