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Arduino Robotics Download PDF

Download Arduino Robotics PDF
Arduino Robotics PDF
Picture Of The Book :
Arduino Robotics PDF
Download Arduino Robotics PDF

About Of The Book :

The book covers topics such as programming, electronics, and mechanics, and provides step-by-step instructions for building a variety of robots, including a line-following robot, a light-seeking robot, and a robot that can navigate autonomously. The book also includes information on advanced topics such as wireless communication and machine learning.
Overall, "Arduino Robotics" is a great resource for anyone looking to learn about building robots with Arduino. It is recommended for beginners and intermediate-level robotics enthusiasts.
As an AI language model, I am not capable of providing a personal opinion about the quality of a book. However, "Arduino Robotics" has generally received positive reviews from readers and experts in the field of robotics. The book is praised for its clear and detailed explanations, thorough coverage of the Arduino platform, and practical guidance on building and programming robots.
That being said, the book may not be suitable for everyone, as it does assume some basic knowledge of programming and electronics. Additionally, some readers may prefer a more advanced or specialized book depending on their particular interests and goals in robotics. Overall, if you are interested in learning about building robots with Arduino, "Arduino Robotics" is a good resource to consider.
This book was written for anyone interested in learning more about Arduino and robotics in general. 
Though some projects are geared toward college students and adults, several early chapters cover 
robotics projects suitable for middle-school to high-school students. I will not, however, place an age 
restriction on the material in this book, since I have seen some absolutely awesome projects created by 
makers both young and old.

"Arduino Robotics" by John-David Warren, Josh Adams, and Harald Molle:

Introduction to Robotics and Arduino
Arduino Basics
Electronics Basics
Mechanical Basics
Building Your First Robot: "Hello World" with Wheels
Advanced Robot Building
Sensors and Feedback
Actuators and Output
Controlling Your Robot: Programming Basics
Using Libraries to Control Your Robot
Communication: Wired and Wireless
Making Your Robot Autonomous
Machine Learning with Your Robot
The book also includes several appendixes covering topics such as troubleshooting, additional resources, and reference information on the Arduino platform.

Contents Of The Book :

Chapter 1: The Basics
Chapter 2: Arduino for Robotics
Chapter 3: Let’s Get Moving
Chapter 4: Linus the Line-Bot
Chapter 6: Making PCBs
Chapter 7: The Bug-Bot
Chapter 8: Explorer-Bot
Chapter 9: RoboBoat
Chapter 10: Lawn-Bot 400
Chapter 11: The Seg-Bot
Chapter 12: The Battle-Bot
Chapter 13: Alternate Control

Information Of The Book :

Title: Arduino Robotics Download PDF
Size:  21 Mb
Pages: 626
Year : 2013
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: John-David Warren, Josh Adams, Harald Molle
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