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Beyond theTransistor 133 Electronics Projects Download PDF

Download Beyond theTransistor 133 Electronics Projects PDF
133 Electronics Projects Beyond theTransistor PDF
Picture Of The Book :
133 Electronics Projects PDF
Beyond theTransistor 133 Electronics Projects PDF

About Of The Book :

"Beyond the Transistor: 133 Electronics Projects" is a book written by Rufus P. Turner and Brinton L. Rutherford, and published by TAB Books Inc. The book provides step-by-step instructions for building a variety of electronic projects that range from simple circuits to more complex systems.

The book covers a wide range of topics, including audio circuits, amplifiers, oscillators, digital circuits, power supplies, and more. The projects are designed to be both practical and educational and include detailed schematics and parts lists to help readers build the circuits.

The authors assume that readers have a basic understanding of electronic principles and terminology, but provide additional background information as needed throughout the text. The book is intended for hobbyists, students, and electronics enthusiasts who want to learn more about electronics through hands-on projects.

The first book in the set, Basic Electronics Course -2nd Edition, consists of straight theory and lays a firm foundation upon which the Series then builds. Practical skills are developed in the second and third books, How to Read Electronic Circuit Diagrams -2nd Edition and How to Test Almost Anything Electronic -2nd Edition, which covers the two most important and fundamental skills necessary for successful electronics experimentation. The final two volumes in the Series, 44 Power Supplies for Your Electronic Projects and Beyond the Transistor: 133 Electronics Projects, present useful hands-on projects that range from simple half-wave rectifiers to sophisticated semiconductor devices utilizing ICs.

Basic Electronics Course -2nd Edition
This book thoroughly explains the necessary fundamentals of electronics, such as electron
flow, magnetic fields, resistance, voltage, and current.
How to Read Electronic Circuit Diagrams -2nd Edition
Here is the ideal introduction for every hobbyist, student, or experimenter who wants
to learn how to read schematic diagrams of electronic circuits. The book begins with
a look at some common electronic components; then some simple electronic circuits
and more complicated solid-state devices are covered.
How to Test Almost Everything Electronic -2nd Edition
This book describes electronic tests and measurements-how to make them with all kinds
of test equipment, and how to interpret the results. New sections cover logic probes and
analyzers, using a frequency counter and capacitance meter, signal tracing a digital circuit,
identifying unknown ICs, digital signal shaping, loading and power supply problems in
digital circuits, and monitoring brief digital signals.
44 Power Supplies for Your Electronic Projects
Electronics and computer hobbyists will not find a more practical book than this one.
A quick, short, and thorough review of basic electronics is provided along with indispensable advice on laboratory techniques and how to locate and store components. The
projects begin with simple circuits and progress to more complicated designs that include
ICs and discrete components.

Contents Of The Book :

1 Learning By Building
Tools Components Troubleshooting Construction
2 FETs
Theory Audio Preamplifier Two -Stage Audio Amplifier Untuned Crystal
Oscillator Tuned Crystal Oscillator Phase Shift Audio Oscillator Product
Detector Regenerative Receiver Superregenerative Receiver Electronic dc
Voltmeter Direct -Reading Capacitance Meter
Theory General Purpose Rf Amplifier Ten -Meter Preamplifier Wideband
Instrument Amplifier Source Follower Q Multiplier Wide -Range LC
Checker Interval Timer Capacitance Relay Touch -Plate Relay Electronic
Electroscope Ultrasonic Pickup
4 Analog ICs
Theory Audio Amplifier Audio Amplifier with MOSFET Input 21/2 -Watt
Intercom Low -Resistance Dc Milliammeter Electronic Dc Millivolt -
meter Low -Pass Active Filter High -Pass Active Filter Combination Active Filter Bandpass Active Filter Active Notch Filter Conventional Bandpass Active
Filter Signal Tracer Code Practice Oscillator Dual LED Flasher Continuity
Checker AM Radio Proximity Detector Night Light Electronic Noise
Maker Sound Machine
5 Digital ICs
Theory Magnitude Comparator Half Adder Binary Counter LSI Counter Binary Logic Probe Electronic Dice Circle Chase Melody Maker
6 CMOS !Cs
Theory Pendulum Clock CMOS Logic Probe Audio Thermometer 
Random Number Generator Egg Timer Siren Metronome Frequency
Counter Music Box
7 UJTs
Theory Pulse Generator Pulse and Timing Generator Free -Running Multivibrator One -Shot Multivibrator Relaxation Oscillator Standard
Frequency Oscillator Cw Monitor Metronome Tone -Identified Signal System Trigger for SCR
8 VCDs
Theory Voltage -Variable Capacitor VCD-Tuned LC Circuits Remotely- Controlled Tuned Circuit Voltage -Tuned Rf Oscillator Automatic FM Frequency
Control Frequency Modulators VCD's Used to Fluctuate the Frequency of a Quartz Crytal VCDs Used to Frequency Modulate Self -Excited Oscillators
Frequency Multipliers Frequency Doubler Frequency Tripler Rf Harmonic
9 Zener Diodes
Theory Simple Dc Voltage Regulator Higher Voltage Dc Regulators Multiple -
Output Dc Voltage Regulator Light -Duty Regulated Dc Supply 5 V, 1.25 A Regulated Dc Supply 18 V, 1 A Regulated Dc Supply Voltage -Regulated Dual
Dc Supply Regulated Voltage Divider Transistor Bias Regulator Voltage
Regulator for Tube Heater Simple Ac Voltage Regulator Automatic Volume
Limiter Dc Equipment Protector Dc Voltage Standard
10 Emitting Diodes
Theory Three -Lead Tricolor LED Two -Lead Tricolor LED Seven -Segment
Displays Bar Graph Display Infrared -Emitting Diode Transmissions Infrared
Emitting Diode Detection Blinking LED Tricolor Logic Probe Decimal Counter Simple Voltmeter Dc Controlled Ac Lamp Light Meter Infrared
Link Fiberoptic Infrared Link
11 Diacs
Theory Amplitude Sensitive Switch Static Dc Switch Electrically Latched
Relay Latching Sensor Circuit Dc Overload Circuit Breaker Ac Overload
Circuit Breaker Phase -Controlled Trigger Circuit
12 Triacs
Theory Simple Triac Switch General Purpose Controller Controller Using Combination Thyristor Dc -Controlled Solid -State Ac Relay Sensitive Dc- Controlled Triac Switch Motor Controls Light Dimmers Variable, Dual-Dc
Power Supply Automatic Equipment Power Switch
13 SCRs
Theory Basic SCR Switches Light -Controlled SCR SCR Light Dimmer SCR
Motor Control Photoelectronic Burglar Alarm Switch -Type Burglar Alarm
Photoelectric Garage -Door Opener Variable Dc Power Supply High -Voltage Dc Power Supply Dc -to -Ac Inverter Solid -State Timer

Information Of The Book :

Title: Beyond theTransistor 133 Electronics Projects Download PDF
Size:  7 Mb
Pages: 233
Year : 1987
Format: PDF
Language : English
Author: Rufus P. Turner and Brinton L
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