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Requiem of Sin by Nicole Fox free download

Requiem of Sin by Nicole Fox free download

Requiem of Sin PDF

Download the book Requiem of Sin PDF written by Nicole Fox and published on January 24, 2024, in PDF format. The file contains more than  525 pages ...

About the book Requiem of Sin 

I walked into the wrong hotel room...
To a naked man fresh out of the shower.
Now, I’m pregnant with his baby.

I should’ve left as soon as I saw him.
He was too beautiful to be real.
I got halfway to the door…
And then he saw exactly what I was trying to hide.

“Who hurt you?” he said when he glimpsed the bruises. “Let me fix it.”
I should’ve said no.
But honestly? I deserve a little luck from the universe.
And if it wants to provide that luck in the form of a gorgeous, six-foot angel of darkness…
Well, I won’t turn my nose up at that.

But nothing in this life comes without strings attached.
My angel gives me a night from heaven…

When morning comes, though, he turns into a devil.
And not just any devil.
This devil knows where I’m from.
Who I am.
What I’ve done.

And he’s determined to make me pay for all of it.

REQUIEM OF SIN is Book 1 of the Zakrevsky Bratva trilogy. Demyen and Clara’s continues in Book 2, SONATA OF LIES.
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