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Sonata of Lies by Nicole Fox free download

Sonata of Lies by Nicole Fox free download


Sonata of Lies PDF

Download the book Sonata of Lies  PDF written by Nicole Fox and published on January 24, 2024, in PDF format. The file contains more than 434 pages...

About the book Sonata of Lies

Demyen stole my freedom to lock me in the worst cell imaginable.
His bed.
I get it: I'm the liar who put his brother behind bars.
And I'm paying for my betrayal, one moan at a time.

He promises he's going to ruin me.
So why does he pull me into his bed every night?
I see the truth behind those icy eyes:
He's addicted.

Unfortunately for me...
So am I.

And unfortunately for both of us, there's no ending this now.
No clean break.
No walking away.

Because I've got Demyen's baby in my belly...
And he just put me up to auction for his enemies.

SONATA OF LIES is Book 2 of the Zakrevsky Bratva trilogy. Demyen and Clara’s story starts in Book 1, REQUIEM OF SIN, and ends in Book 3, RHAPSODY OF PAIN.
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